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Last updated:  November 7, 2009

1996 Foundation Classic Mare ~  (ASPC)  Sorrel Mare

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Sire: Flaby's Captain Topper
Kewpie's El Monterrey of Arenosa
(Dark Sorrel)
Kewpie's Topper of Arenosa
Winnie The Pooh of Arenosa
Winnie The Pooh of Arenosa
Richardson's Pete of Fable Stables
Richardson's C-Jo Princess
Dam: Orbit's Petite Pam VB
(Red Sorrel)

Rocket's Mr.  Orbit
Ramble Ridge Rocket
Stringtown's Dark Queen
Robin Hood's American the Great "N"
(Dapple Chestnut)
Diamond's Cody RobinHood
Miss America II


Offspring  click on photo to enlarge

2009  Chestnut Pinto Colt
Soundview's Cinn Tax

Step-N-Stone Cinnamon Sundance (HOF)
  2007 Colt
Soundview's Once Cinn A Blue Moon 

Step-N-Stone Cinnamon Sundance (HOF)

 2006 Filly
 Soundview's Cinnamon Foxfire   

Step-N-Stone Cinnamon Sundance (HOF)

 2005 Colt
 Soundview's MediCinne Man   

Step-N-Stone Cinnamon Sundance (HOF)


Too Too 

Mr. Bodacious



Show Record

Unshown to date

    Soundview American Shetland Ponies
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